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(I recall someone asking if someone should bc or condoms. My question is: if you use bc patches and condoms which ones should you use?)

Hey there! Thanks for asking!

The awesome thing about pairing condoms and hormonal birth control together is that one won’t affect the other negatively! That’s right, you can use any of the condoms from our site with your patch, your pill, your shot, your IUD… whichever, and there won’t be any issue. It’ll be entirely up to your personal condom preference.

In fact, we recommend using a condom to compliment your hormonal birth control anyway because HBC doesn’t prevent STDs or STIs. 

When looking to choose the perfect condom for you, consider what types of lubricant you/your partner wants, your size, and if you want something that’s textured or not. It may take some a few tries to find out what’s best for you, but keep your eyes on our blog for suggestions, reviews, and consumer alerts.

Good luck and happy experimenting!

WOW! We’ve had a LOT of new followers in the past couple days. Welcome, new friends, and congratulations on starting your journey to safer, informed sex!

Hey new followers, I’ve got some questions for you: 

Five Best Anal Lubes and Sprays


Five Best Anal Lubes and Sprays


Let’s face it: buttsex is great because everyone’s got a butt. But the key component to the best anal sex of your life, be it with a penis, some fingers, or some toys, is the lubricant.


Whether you’re DPing, Pegging, or just straight up gettin’ some in the bum, you need lube, and we’re not talking spit here. The anus is very sensitive to tearing when it encounters friction. Such tears are not…

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plotbunnyfarm asked:

I've started a tumblr called safeslash to promote fanworks that include healthy sexual behaviors, and would appreciate a signal boost during the Twitter talk if you could. :)

That’s freaking AWESOME! If it comes up in the Twitter talk, we’ll give it the boost, but we’ll totally boost it on here too!

Guys, check out this awesome blog for all your safe slashing needs! And don’t forget, if you ever need safe sex questions answered for the sake of a fanfic, we’re more than happy to help :)

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