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Rope and Restraint Play: An Introduction


Rope and Restraint Play: An Introduction


The first time my partner and I went shopping for rope at our local adult store. A kindly-looking woman my mother’s age showed us a fine selection of ropes, leathers, and tape and then, laughing, said, “That’ll make sure her cute ass can’t escape!”


I could tell it was gonna be awesome.

It was a kink we’d wanted to explore after experimenting a little with scarves and bedposts. We settled on some…

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It looks like the end of August is already upon us! Do you have any burning questions that needs to be answered about condoms, sex ed, or STDs? We have tons and tons of answers (and some hilarious gifs)! Send them our way and we’ll answer them in our August Questions article. 

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Let’s get some questions up in here!

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