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toxiclysweet asked:

Iflsciense made an article about a condom in Australia with a special sti inactivating coating. Can condom depot please help spread the word to help boost awareness of these condoms, so people will get them when they go on the market elsewhere?

We have one scheduled to go out next week. Thanks for the heads up and be sure to keep it an eye out for it early next week. Take care!

Beads ‘n Balls ‘n Ben Wa, Oh My!


Beads ‘n Balls ‘n Ben Wa, Oh My!


If you like gettin’ it on with spheres as much as I do, then look no further. Here are Spicy Gear’s best beads, balls and Ben Wa sex toys!

Anal Beads, Ahoy!


If you’ve been looking to experiment with anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. Beads are a less harsh alternative to a giant dildo or a strap onand can make a great transition between anal fingering and anal sex. Plus, popping…

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