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Q: Masturbation w/o Toys?

Anon Female Reader: Do you have any articles on masturbation sans toys, it just seems generally climax-less and painful to start :/ but idk maybe I’m doing it wrong?

In fact we do. Now since this question was sent to us by a female reader we recommend first checking out our articles on Getting to Know Your Ladybits and Seven Amazing Facts About the Clitoris.

Once you’ve become re-acquainted with yourself we have 20 Hints for Achieving a Female Orgasm that covers things like using a lube you love, finding your happy place, and getting in touch with your erogenous zones.

When you want to get advanced we even have tips on Edging and Female Squirting (it’s totally possible). 

However, the most important rule of thumb is to take it easy, take your time, and gently bring yourself to a heightened sense of arousal. Going to rough or to hard right off the back might just make for an unpleasant experience. Some like it rough, but it’s important to figure out what’s comfortable and pleasureable for you.  

Oh, and you’ll totally want to grab some personal lubricants because friction is no bueno.

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